Solution Description

The solution is composed of two principal modules:

  1. Central or »CORE« module common to all the processes. It includes all important functionalities common to all BPM (Business Process Management) modules by configurations through drop down menues (described are some functionalities):
    • Definition of roles within the process (who does what).
    • Definition of scenarios (role schedules).
    • Definitions of schemas (possible actions of respective role).
    • Definitions of carriers in the scenarios (linkage role – end user) using the matrix.
    • Definitions of deputy carriers.
    • Escalation definition (limits for respective roles to execute a task).
  2. »Vertical solutions« - e.g. solution for incoming invoice verification/approval, solution for travel order approval, etc. Vertical solutions are tailored for data transfer from respected SAP transactions to »CORE« module, in both directions, depending on process type.

Akademika (BPM) Framework enables the listings of the following data:

  • Basic information about certain document within suitable process (e.g. data based with invoice within invoice verification process);
  • List of approvars based on certain roles;
  • Actions, which process collaborators are allowed to perform according to their roles within the process;
  • Cost break-downs according to different criteria (for invoice verification process);
  • Approval history – all actions performed by users are recorded (audit trail).

Few importanant issues:

For document storage and archiving, the external ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution should be used. It should be able to communicate with SAP via SAP ArchiveLink. Scanning application is part of such external solution. Solution runs best with ECM products from Open Text, an ECM corporation that signed a strategic contract with SAP. Under this contract certain Open Text products are treated as SAP's own products and are within SAP's price list. The following Open Text products are suitable to run with Akademika (BPM) Framework:

  • SAP Archiving by Open Text;
  • SAP Document Access by Open Text;
  • SAP Extended ECM by Open Text.

Akademika (BPM) Framework
 is »two – part« solution – it connsists of SAP part for SAP users (using SAP GUI - SAP Certified) and non-SAP part for users operating outside SAP (using WEB GUI). Web part of the solution is intended mainly for approvars.

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